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Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

The Pleasure Dome of Kublai Khan

15% Civilization, 79% Humanity, 25% Urbanization, 43% Danger, 67% Exoticness, 30% Chaos, 84% Hedonism.

You were a little difficult to place. You want a world that's exotic, but still very civilized and under control. And your answers indicate you don't give a fig for technology, education, urbanization and all the benefits thereof -- but you still have a great fondness for the human beings who tend to pursue these things.

Well, we have something for you that should be something of a treat. You won't get out much. But we don't think you'll mind.

In the Pleasure Dome of Kublai Khan, you are born and bred to serve pleasure all your days. Physically beautiful and mentally geared toward pure pleasure, you will spend your allotted days subjected to all manner of hedonistic play and sensual experimentation. You need never suffer a moment of pain, nor of sobriety. Cuddle up, honey, relax and enjoy yourself.

You kinky pervert.

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Job Offer #1

1) I dealt with the virtual administration company today. I sent them an email admitting full culpability and offering to finish my work for free, but stating I didn't think it was going to work out. The CEO was way understanding, no one wants me to leave - *cry*. I could maybe work some kind of part-time evening thing...do I want to? I don't know. Too much to think about.

2) I scheduled in a last minute interview for 1pm today, with a local doctor's office. Front desk position, but lots to do, all things I've done before...would be enough to keep me happy without being overwhelmed. They want to start me at $12.00 an hour for 90 days, which sucks, and no insurance. They provide $100 to purchase your own insurance...which covers maybe a third of even cheap insurance if you're self-insured. That part sucks. But on the bright side, they called and offered me the job. They called like 15 minutes ago. Think they're desperate?

3) I had a second interview with another company today. The woman I interviewed with was the woman I would support, sales manager. She was scary, and intimidating, and where I was EXTREMELY confident in my initial interview I was rattled in this one. But then, half way through, I'd find myself unexpectedly smiling or laughing...some dry humor would come through - and I knew there was more to this woman than met the eye. She has a master's degree in conflict resolution...she was playing me like a fiddle. ;o)

She was fun to talk to, and she knows exactly what she needs to be supported, which was awesome. I loved that. She had all the best parts of the jobs I have loved the most. She would definitely keep me on my toes as an admin, but I think it would be great, partly because she's so straight-forward that I wouldn't be empathing hidden emotion ALL. THE. TIME. The job is salaried, and $3.50 dollars more an hour than the other job, plus benefits. She told me before I left she was VERY interested in me, it would just depend on how many errors she found in a document test she gave before I left. So there's good potential there. I think this would be my number one choice, and the other my number two.

The Universe is going to provide for me again. I speak my intention, keep myself focused and pure of heart, and the Universe moves in synch with me. It's pretty amazing.

4) I get a daily meditation sent to my phone every day. Today's meditation was "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

Thank you, Buddha. A well-timed reminder that made me smile brightly.

5) The unfortunate part of all of this was that I needed interview clothing, and fast. I haven't bought anything like that since I lost all the weight. So of my precious, tiny cushion, a nice 1/3 size chunk is gone. That's scary. And, I got my cell phone bill today, and even though plan changes are supposed to go into effect the day you make them (so you can avoid overages), mine didn't. Yeah, dude, my cell phone bill is like.....astronomical. Chris says call and talk to them tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll help with it if that doesn't work, but not the point. Reminder to self: pay attention to plan changes, expense what was company related. That's over an hour of charges, expensing it will help. Even if I don't want to.

That's it. All my love. *MWAH*

ETA: My boobs still hurt. Just in case you're wondering.

Newsflash: I am grumpy

Why am I grumpy, you ask?

Well, because I am female first of all. And while most of the time I am highly, highly grateful for this fact, it must be stated for the record that about once a month or so, when enough hormones to kill a horse flood my blood stream and make me feel like the living dead and act like an angry badger, I pretty much despise it. And everything else in the world. A bit like Sweeney Todd, actually, but without the razors which, believe me, is a good thing.

Second of all, I am upset about work stuff. One of my clients questioned the hours I billed for, and while it was fairly easy to SLAM her concerns into the ground because I don't pad my hours, that is my one true demotivator. I cannot work for people who do not trust me, or think I am trying to get something over on them. I was also a bit pissed at them to begin with, because they were going to be offering me 40 hours of work a week - they were SURE there was plenty of work. And I did start getting upwards of 30 hours, lately. But that is when they began questioning my time, and cutting my duties. Which means, loves, that I am not getting the hours promised, which means I am not getting the pay I need. So...I have gone into shutdown strike, and will be breaking up with this client.

BUT...I am moving to live completely on my own in 17 days. I am freaking about the financial ramifications of my biggest client being gone.

I also have work to finish for them that I do NOT want to do, but MUST do because it's the professional, grown-up thing to do. And I will not bill for, because that's my goodbye gift to keep bridges in place and unsinged. And that pisses me off, because it's work I don't want to do, for people I don't want to do it for, and money I need. And so, we see, two sources of grumpy from one source. Bonus!

And my mom works for this company, full time, and I worry about the ramifications of this situation on her...I know they won't fire her or anything, because she is SuperWoman when it comes to work and she's been there for over ten years. But I don't know what they will say to her, and I have to see her at the damn clam bake I agreed to go to in 10 days. And after having already been treated to her own special brand of negativity (which she hasn't served in over a year, so I was surprised and not pleasantly so) I could really do without any more.

There are good things going, as well. I trust the Universe to know what I need and to provide it for me, and I've spoken my intention to be satisfactorily employed, and things are moving nicely on that front. I actually have had about four full-time office work interviews this week that look very promising. Two are significant pay increases, two are about what I make through Virtually Finished. All have benefits, which is good, I will need. I have follow-up interviews scheduled with two companies, which is great.

Chris hired movers for me because I don't really have a lot of people itching to come move all my junk to the apartment, and offered me some cash from a settlement he got to get started, which was incredibly generous (especially given my current status as a rabid, angry badger)...so I have that padding. And, losing this client also means I can lose the land line I was going to get to use for their work, and drop the rate of internet connection down. So that will save me money, which is great, actually. I have enough cell minutes not to need a landline and prefer not to have two bills. And of course, Brian makes me smile a lot every day, that is a good thing too. :o)

The other good thing is this knowledge. It's that really, if things came to the worst, I KNOW I wouldn't be without options - I'd deliver pizzas or wait tables before I went without. I'm never truly stranded, without a way to take care of things. That confidence in myself, in my own ability to get things done, is a fairly new and happy knowledge. I'm very happy about it, it's very satisfying to me.

So I know I will be ok. I'm just...not feeling well. My boobs hurt. And I am grumpy and frustrated.


Your result for The Lover Style Profile Test...

The Liberated Lover

55% partner focus, 62% aggressiveness, 65% adventurousness

Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that:

You prefer your romance and love to wild and daring rather than typical or boring, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, your satisfaction comes more from providing a wonderful time to your partner than simply seeking your own.

This places you in the Lover Style of: The Liberated Lover.

The Liberated Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and forms the kind of free-thinking, sexually-exciting, self-confident lover that society once condemned but that a liberal-mind cherishes and exults. The Liberated Lover is a treasure to find, though it can sometimes be difficult to do so because they are often already engaged in relationships or are in high-demand if "in the market."

In terms of physical love, the Liberated Lover is possibly the most thrilling and demanding of all, with the one potential drawback being that it is possible to feel 'overmatched' at times by their prowess and selfless giving. Given trust and understanding, and the right lover, the Liberated Lover can be a delight in bed.

Best Compatibility can probably be found with: The Exotic Lover (most of all) or the Carnal Lover, or the Suave Lover.


If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback! Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in the following:

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Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm lovin' this question! And I'll even be good and not leave dirty answers. Isn't that so sweet of me?

Ok, maybe. Just a lil dirty? ;o)

When I sense he's had a really long night, and he's gonna wanna relax, I cook for him so that when he gets home he has something delicious to relax in front of. Yeah, I know I've spent some serious amounts of time claiming I can't cook, but it's nonsense. I can. Most recently, I've made pork wellington with fresh, herbed green beans; a beefy, noodle, vegetable, cheesy casserole thing along with a lemon tart with a creamcheese base and a raspberry topping; whole grain penne pasta with a beef, tomato, basil sauce...all fresh ingredients, fresh herbs, everything...and herbed fresh green beans (he likes those!); a rainbow cake like the one I made for Christy's bachelorette party; and last night I made the most amazing bruschetta and served it with very, very, very thinly sliced Angus roast beef that melted like butter in my mouth.

Yes...yes, my loves, I *can* cook. I am totally capable.

When I cook for him, I always use fresh herbs, fine cuts of meat, quality oils. Because he doesn't get off work until 10:30, I tend to put things in the food that will help him relax...like, I'll infuse broths with lavender from my garden. I arrange the food on platters or in bowls so that it's attractive, like wrapping a gift. And I make sure it's easy to keep leftovers, so he can enjoy the gift over and over again.

It makes me happy to cook that way for him because it's cooking to please and relax him, not cooking for his base survival. And not that I don't want him to survive - I totally do! But it makes me feel good to know that he will take great pleasure in it, and enjoy it. It will make him happy. I love that.

Now, there are other things I do to pleasure him - sometimes I will be waiting for him when he gets home, and he gets all smiley and happy. I tell him all the time what a beautiful soul, full of honor and valor he is, and how much I enjoy his presence. I flirt with him and make him blush, he loves that. I talk and talk and talk and talk, and for whatever reason, he takes great pleasure in that...he loves to listen to me talk. I tell him what emotions I am feeling from him, and explore my empathic nature openly and honestly, and he loves that...anything open and honest, he loves.

But the thing I enjoy doing the most...well, second most...to pleasure him is to cook for him and help him unwind and relax. And I think he really loves that, too. :oD

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

So, I went to meet Brian's parents and kids. They were all really, really lovely people. His parents are very kind but a bit nervous, I could tell, and reserved. I haven't gotten a verdict on whether or not I passed the test with them. His grandmother was very sweet and friendly, easy to talk to. I enjoyed that a great deal.

His daughters are wonderful...all three. The oldest has the I'm-too-grownup-for-this-kids-stuff thing going on, but underlies it with a warm, soft smile and gets self-conscious and shy when you talk to her directly. It's a sweet, subconscious shy and I like it. She reminds me a very great deal of Cat, actually, and I think the two would get along well. Lorelei liked both the middle and the youngest a whole lot. The middle is spunky and vivacious and hardy and a little sarcastic, and I actually think Geoff would get along well with her although I'm not sure how the whole girl/boy thing would be gotten past. He might be gross and cootie covered still. ;o) The youngest is a darling, adorable, gentle little thing. Her and Lorelei were easy and carefree together. She has a smile that is all bubbly, it's so cute.

None of the girls had an issue getting into the creek to catch crawdads (which I'll link to for Elle, because I dunno if they have crawdads in NZ!). They slipped shoes off and dove right in, looking for them. I found a dead one first, then Brian went looking for live ones. The live one I caught was bigger than Brian's. HA! Then the girls went looking and catching. I think Lorelei was the only one who wouldn't hold one, but she was afraid she'd get pinched, and that's fair. It was relaxing, and fun, and I liked it. I almost kinda missed being a girl scout leader, and then realized I had enough girls there to start my own troop again. Oi vey. LOL!!

I have scheduled the electric, phone, internet and cable to be turned on at my new apartment, and plans continue to be made. I'm a little worried about employment, only because this current client is so damned flakey...I'm worried I won't get the 40 hours a week I honestly need. But I am trusting the Universe to bring me what I need. Trust but verify - I apply to about 30 office jobs a day. Hopefully, if I need to go that route, I can find one that's laid back and friendly - I go in to get my work done, but the environment is casual and the people nice to be around. I guess that goes hand in hand with me being nice to them, huh? ;o)

I did some empath research yesterday, and learned all KINDS of cool stuff....I was gonna share it, but MySpace ATE IT. And then I was mad. But when I talked to Brian about it, he had thoughts and further questions and I really wanted to be able to give him the links, let him digest them, and see what he thought. So I will have to calm my annoyance and get them posted.

But first, let's get what hours we can out of today. We have a roof to pay for now! ;O)

Love y'all!

PS: How many of you thought I wouldn't come back and update, hmm? How many, go on be honest...show of hands... Well pbbbbbbbbbbbth on all of you, I did. So HA! ;o)


I am going to meet Brian's parents today. I am completely bajiggity over this. Not because I don't think I'm good enough, or because I think there's anything wrong with me, or anything like that....only because I know how important it is to make a good impression, and I want it to be perfect. No stumbling over words, tripping and spilling food all over myself, having nipples show all through dinner...not technical issues. Because then I think I'd die.

Apparently, I am not the only one bajiggity - his mom got her haircut, and his dad is power washing the house. Is that cute? Come on, you KNOW that is cute.

So. I need to go make my addition to dinner (cherry lattice cake - my grandmother used to make it, and it's a very popular family favorite but also a bit more complex than the recipes I normally attempt), shower, get dressed (red is a power color, but you don't want to overpower the female alpha, so pink maybe? But you don't want to under impress his daughters. Cargo pants with pale blue? ARGH!), get Lorelei cleaned and dressed, and head out. Before 2pm. Which means I need to start already.

And here I sit.


How's about an update!

Ok, well, it's been seventeen weeks...what's that, four months? So we all KNOW my life has completely flopped, right? I knew I could count on you guys to expect the unexpected. ;o)

So. I went to Youngstown. I had a fella I was going to be with in Youngstown. That fella broke my heart in unspeakable ways, which left me broken and empty. Candleluv kept me alive while I was there, and when it was time for me to come back home to survive, sent me with a smile and a hug and even packed up my stuff for when I could make it back. Candle rocks, have I ever mentioned that? No? Well, she does.

I came home, and was stupid and crushed. I spent a lot of time with a morphine bottle, trying to find the strength to end my own weakness. Never found it, thank God and the Universe at large. Chris was my bestest friend in the world, and during my darkest spots kept me alive and breathing. We didn't resolve our marriage and fall into each others arms, so don't get excited...we're still just done with that phase of our lives, and ready to be just friends. We'll file for a dissolution of our marriage soon. But we cemented our friendship, which is valuable beyond words especially since we have a daughter together.

In SecondLife, I sold my maternity clinic. I went through some really painful stuff with that guy there, too. I found an Okiya, which is a school for non-courtesan geisha. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but "Memoirs of a Geisha" had a huge effect on me when I read it, and I was interested and felt called to the study. So I joined the Okiya, began studying and more importantly, began healing. That was way important. My Okasan (the mother and teacher of the Okiya) began to introduce me to the Tao te Ching, and Taoism. This brought me a great amount of discipline over myself, and my emotions, and I found peace.

Back to real life. I am still working as a virtual admin assistant, but it doesn't bring in much money and isn't fun, so I've been applying around. I found an apartment, applied and was approved so will be moving to my own place on September 27th which I am thrilled about. It's here in Columbus near my kids, which is great. I've met a fantastic guy via MySpace named Brian, and we're having a great time just dating and enjoying each other. He said something in a blog post that struck me deeply - we both want a future, but we aren't worried about how we'll get there. And that's exactly it...it's relaxed, it's rewarding, and he loves me for everything I am. And is actually stubborn about me not being anything except what I am...as crazy and bizarre and fruity and light in the loafers as I can be. That's pretty cool.

So right now, I'm just in this place where the Universe and I are vibing together really well. I'm more in touch with myself now, more confident of who and what I am, and what I want, and where I'm going. I honestly like myself, and I don't care who doesn't - and not in a "kiss my ass you dick" kind of way. In a "your negativity is not my responsibility to resolve and I will love you in spite of it but I will not be held hostage to it" kind of way. I'm not going to stress about stuff anymore. What I need, I will ask the Universe for the strength to make happen, and it will. It's fine. All that matters is today, and that's what I'm living for.

I'm more open now about being an Empath. I've lost 120lbs, I'll post some new pictures so you guys can have a look. ;o) While I still have a way to go, I'm feeling much better about myself and my ability to get to where I need to be. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I finally know that when I decide what it is, I have the strength inside myself to make it happen, which is worth a whole bunch. For the first time in my life, I'm living for myself, and letting the fact that I'm finally getting healthy serve those around me. I don't need anyone to replenish me when I give of myself...I can replenish myself.

So...I know Mrs. Elle misses me here. I kinda miss being here. I will try, try, try to remember to post here. If I forget, just comment and I'll come back and update again. You can find me daily by adding me as a friend on myspace. Just click here to find me.

Love y'all!

ETA: I got bored before I could find a way to upload all the pictures over here, so, just go to my MySpace and click the "pics" link at the top. I'm putting a link to the albums here but I don't know if it will work...it doesn't always. Kay, enjoy!

Hewwo, Elle!

My beautiful friend Elle nudged me to update so...here I am. :o)

((Sidenote: Elle, the conversation you sent out the other day between you and Caitie was priceless...I loved that!))

Well, Chris and I are separating. It's not like a huge, dramatic thing for us...we're still great friends, we still love each other. We're just not "in love", and we're not a good influence on each other's lives. We tend to make each other lazy, careless, avoidant. That's not a way to live. So that's numero uno.

I am going to live with my friend ((wow, trying to remember how to do an lj tag and failing!))...candledamachine up North. I am heading up next week, and am actually really...excited isn't the word. I don't know. Energized, maybe? I have hope that I can be something again, instead of the nothing that I have become and quite frankly, don't like very much. I can learn to be self-reliant, and remember what it was to know I had skills and value. Jen is great for talking to, and working through things, without ever feeling spoken down to - I always feel like she's getting as much from exploring minds out loud as I am. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to that.

I have started a virtual administrative assistant business, and while it's not "booming", it's not going badly either. I am selling some of my services in SecondLife, creating company logos, providing customer service, attaining consumer feedback and doing company bookeeping. But my big project right now is for a holistic weight loss company. I am going to be doing follow-up interviews, discussing the program with clients, offering myself as a weight loss mentor, as well as doing administrative work as needed. I'm excited about that work...it's a little bit like PlanetFeedback, the parts of it I liked a lot. I get to deal with people, ask their opinions, explain what we do, help them be strong and find the best in themselves, and I get to help with easy, gratifying things like Word documents and access databases. That makes me happy.

I only get paid once a month, and that part sucks...but my mom's company may be throwing some work my way, and hopefully I'll find more projects on my own. Which will rock. At this point, I'm just doing a little bit of everything, collecting money. I'm cleaning at my mom's house, I'm typing college papers...I'd mow lawns and take dogs for a walk if it paid. I've offered my services at my brother's winery, serving for events. Whatever. It's proving very gratifying to me to see the dollars building up...even when they come in small chunks. It's just that I *earned* it...and I don't owe anyone anything for it.

And really, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Not necessarily good or bad, just life, and I'm living it the best way I know how. And that's ok with me. :o) What's going on with you?

Holy Moly!!!

My SL maternity clinic has been highlighted by one of the big SL News Networks. I thought I was only one of many people being interviewed, just to bring a basic understanding of SL pregnancy to the world at large. Apparently, my clinic and I were the feature of the article!!

I so want to share the link, but then you'll have my whole name and...be able to see what direction my life is taking and that scares me. If you ask for it, I'll share it, how's that? Until then...enjoy. And OMG, WOW!

Growing the SL population
Written by Runeswan Ceawlin
Monday, 28 January 2008

The biological clock is a force of nature, one strong enough to transcend across reality into the virtual world. Residents can monitor their reproductive cycle, get pregnant and experience the stages of pregnancy, including delivery.

Why do people enter a virtual realm and choose to do this? Kaeko, owner of ____ maternity clinic, shared some of the top reasons that residents come to her. In her experience, many come because they can not go through it in real life, either because of medical reasons or lifestyle choices. For the transgendered, being pregnant in SL allows them to experience something they can not in real life. “It’s a chance for them to experience something to it’s fullest, without being looked at as a ‘freak’, completely accepted for what they are, and as they present themselves.” Kaeko said.

There are more motives that bring people to __________, such as those who just love being pregnant, but know that having a child in real life every year isn’t practical. And for others, this is a way for two people to extend their relationship. Kaeko said, “They have found a partner, fallen in love, gotten married, and now want to experience the next stage.” Evalucia Smalls, of Sexy Diva’s Modeling, had a friend who went through a pregnancy and when she saw the fun and satisfaction, she wanted to go through a similar experience with her partner. Barbee Nightfire is one of those residents who has not had this experience in real life. “I’m too old to have a baby and I have never been a mother in real life. I’ve never been married. So I’m going to do it here, in Second Life.” Nightfire said.

Kaeko believes that experiencing pregnancy and childbirth in Second Life is a healthy experience and can be satisfying. “For my clients, especially the ones who are unable to have children, physically or ones who have not found love and haven't had a child, or for the transgendered, it’s an experience that money can’t buy in real life.”

For Maechell McMillan, a ________ client, pregnancy in SL was cathartic. “When I was 17, I was raped, and became pregnant. The pregnancy was very complicated and I ended up having an emergency c-section.” Maechell later married and tried to become pregnant. She miscarried twice, once at eight weeks gestation, another time at 28 weeks. Maechell later carried her daughter, but the pregnancy was again plagued with complications and ended with another emergency c-section. She is unable biologically to have any more children. She now has three children that she loves intensely, but something still felt missing. “My birth experience had left me very unfulfilled. I found SL and thought it would just be a diversion.” Maechell said. But she soon discovered that she could do anything in Second Life, and she began to explore the path of childbirth in this virtual world.

The experience, for her, brought her some of what she had been missing. “It helped me a lot. During the entire pregnancy and birth experience it was very real to me and the fact that I was able to RP everything that would be involved was wonderful and very therapeutic.” Maechell said. She also used the _______ shapes and a "tummy talker" during her virtual pregnancy and felt those items helped put together some of the pieces of the puzzle she felt she had missed.

The clinics in SL offer a variety of pregnancy accessories, such as shapes, tummy talks, babies, as well as full roleplay services. At __________, staff go through each step of the pregnancy with residents. Clients can get sonograms and personalized reports of fetal growth, and most of the clients, nearly 99% per Kaeko, go through the entire roleplay fantasy. Fantasy that includes pregnancy concerns, such as diabetes, and birthing options, such as water birth - all of it leading up to the moment of a very realistic delivery.

Kaeko feels the experience provides an awareness and education that people can take with them into the real world. “I like to leave people with a basic knowledge about pregnancy that they could take and move forward with in their RL's. For example....in clinicals, I will ask moms to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day and to remove caffeine of any kind from their diets. I will ask them to make sure they take their prenatal vitamins every day, and tell them why that's important. I will remind them to avoid most medications, especially Aspirin and Pepto Bismal while pregnant, and again will explain why. I ask them to keep up moderate exercise, I make dietary recommendations, I coach controlled, focused breathing as opposed to drugs for pain....all of the things I would recommend as a doula IRL, I will recommend here.”

Beyond the roleplay and activities surrounding pregnancy in Second Life, is the focus on accessories. One highly popular device is the woman’s Tantra hud. It allows women to set their reproductive cycle and use birth control options. Jannet Dabney embraces the nature of women. After spending some time in Second Life she began to feel that something was missing from her experiences. She does not want to experience pregnancy, but she does want to feel like the woman that she is, that includes bringing her reproductive cycle into Second Life. Using the Tantra device helps her enjoy a more fulfilling in world experience. “Candidly, it makes those intimate moments much more realistic to me.” Jannet said. She has worn her Tantra for over a year and not become pregnant.

Tex Evans, creator of the Tantra hud, never expected it to become what it has. He first made it for a friend who wanted to have a chance of pregnancy while engaging in Second Life sexual relations. Evans said. “I think that since SL relationships tend to mirror the progression of RL relationships, it is only natural that once two people have partnered for their thoughts to turn towards children.”

The stories he hears from his clients are touching. One such client had gone through a traumatic real life experience, and wanted to use the roleplay aspect within Second Life to help heal her by going through the experience more positively. “It was a deeply fulfilling story to me that really made me think about how something as small as my HUD can have a positive impact on someone's real life.” Evans said.

Pregnancy in Second Life is not just a “game” for many residents. It is an important and fulfilling experience that affects them emotionally and spiritually.